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Yu Gi Oh 5Ds Ep 80: Lets get down to Business! :D

Of all the screencaps I’ve taken, I just had to use this one as the entry cover. They look so freaking hilarious, look at them smirk at each other. XD

Yusei, Jack and Crow have been invited out to a fancy restaurant with Ushio and Mikage, however Yusei and Jack remain suspicious about the reason behind treating them dinner…READ MORE @ANGRYANIMEBITCHES.COM

Author: Eva

Hi! My name is Eva, I'm am a huge fan of Anime and Manga and here I would like to enjoy reviewing the animes and making this a memorial project for myself. I have started blogging Anime during my summer of 2009, and originally became a fan back in 2005. Throughout the years I became inspired and curious about the world of media and animation, which had opened doors to particular interests that I've never thought about.

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