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Astarotte no Omocha! episode 8: Who let the dog out? who? who?



The Prince from another land as arrived and he is actively looking for the women of his life.


We have yet another character appearing more than half way into the season. At first I really liked the prince, since he enjoyed being in company of  mature and developed ladies, but 5 seconds later he realize what he really love is small 10 years old girl. What is wrong with everyone in that nation to have such sexual attraction to minor. I understand that a certain percentage of population are pedophiles, but that percentage is not 80%! Also, isn’t it funny that the prince laugh at Dora for being flat chested when he is in love with a 10 years old?

With all of that said, this show is going nowhere, I have lost complete interest in the story (If it can be called a story). The character doesn’t make much sense and are boring. Only thing left for me in this are the ecchi and the sometimes funny jokes. Now the jokes are nowhere near Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu in quality, but they are better than watching a freshly paint wall dry.

By elimination, the only thing I feel interesting left to discuss are those screenshots:

I really wish this wouldn’t turn me on. It is pedophilia, but it’s sooooo… exciting. Makes the little guy dance in apprehension.


Also here is every other interesting scene I liked

Things I liked about this episode:

– The screenshot that you can observe above this


There should be no more rats here, this ship is already half underwater.  At least we can see some pretty underage girl panties before we drown in this piece of crap. I will still be covering this, it is fun to see how bad something can get.

ZeroG signing off.

Author: ZeroG

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6 thoughts on “Astarotte no Omocha! episode 8: Who let the dog out? who? who?

  1. All the ecchi things they do on this show is for pedophiles…
    Don’t know why I’m watching this show for o.o
    I heard the manga version of this is different than the anime version o.o (which I’m reading but on barely chapter 2… lol)

    • The manga might very well be better, but since I saw the show first, I have no intention what so ever to take a chance with the manga

  2. What scares me the most is the possible incest between Naoya and Lotte. She still likes him and the anime staff isn’t doing anything to try to clear her misconceptions.

    • I don’t see anything wrong if he sleeps with the daughter of his daughter’s mother…oh wait

  3. I would just like to say that the term loli or lolicon would be more appropriate if it concerns anime. People would be more used to that and it would probably be used more on related searches than the term used for folk who like the illegal underaged girls of the 3D variety.

    As for the show itself I only read the manga but the story did pretty much drop the initial summary (of the harem thing) rather quickly. I think it tried to go deep with the mother arc but that really didn’t go anywhere so I could only assume that the stories are just patched on to give some semblance of reason to a show that’s dedicated to pimping loli 2D girls.

    It doesn’t really have the fence-straddling borderline incest naughtiness of KissXSis nor does it have the same charm and ‘subtle’ ecchi humor of Kodomo no Jikan so it falls into the realm of generic fanservice anime for me.

    • I use the term pedophilia instead of lolly because for me this is past the lolly border. I see a lolly as minimum a early teenager. The girl in the show are 10 years old. At 10 years old it is not only about looking young and being flat chested, their body are not even developed for sexual intercourse.

      Now I haven’t read the manga, maybe things are more reasonable in there. But for this anime I can’t use the term lolly, it is just way past that point.