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Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai Episode 8: This show is Officially Categorized in the WTF Branch.


This week we get to see fanservice reruns! Yay! whatever.

We then see Karura going back into the abyss, and we get to meet Kobato’s older brother (the one she mentioned last episode), Haneda Yoji He seems like a spoiled brat who does whatever the hell he wants despite his duties. Apparently, he is Karura’s dad.

Alright so let me get this straight. Karura is in love with Kobato… Who happens to be his dad’s sister… He’s in love with his freakin’ aunt? Are you kidding me? Karura, you’re retarded. By the way, just thought I’d mention that a 9-year old looking kid shouldn’t be the father of an adult-looking guy. It’s just weird.

Chitose and Hayato have a conversation, a couple more things are explained to us I’m always down for understanding what the hell is going on, and then we’re back to unserious matters at Alexander’s shop Yay, I missed those times 🙂 where Alexander decides he should use Chitose to kill time. Then, we get to witness some cute times between him and Tamaizumi damn right, and afterwards it is Hayato’s turn!

Naruuuuuu~ is all I have to say about it. Right before intermission, we learn of something new, that when Takashi graduates, he will get treated to a hospital for what reason I’m not sure yet, then Chitose and Hayato will leave and disappear, giving Takashi the control of the body.


*breathes* Okay, back to my summary. Takashi is going to school, then talks to a really random shy girl, then to Hariu the guy who wanted to rip his guts out, remember him?, and then he’s back into Gretagard! Oh my!

If you don't ask me out I might just kill you 🙂 Just sayin'.

With this, he brings down judgement upon winged soldiers, then we get a RANDOM SEX SCENE!!! WTF. Alright, now that traumatized me quite a bit, now let’s go back to serious business. Although I kinda wonder if anything is serious business in this show…Takashi is back into the real world and forced to take Asuka out on a date :). He’s then forced to not go meanwhile, I’ll be out to kill Takauchi 4 times over, and in the end goes back to Gretagard and Asuka freaks out, saying “this guy’s the real deal!”.



O_o This show is weeeeeeird… I don’t even know if it’s good or bad anymore, it’s just so completely retarded at times that I just don’t understand anymore. Anyways…

Apparently Gretagard is real, I wasn’t so sure at the end of the episode, because there was some possibility that Takashi was in fact insane, but after the ending there was a small scene where Chitose still in Takashi’s body tries to tell Asuka that what she saw was just Takashi being obsessed over a game.

In the end, there’s still tons of stuff I’m confused about.

Now, as for the fanservice. You know, I was pretty much starting to tolerate it all, but this week’s episode was just… O______O. Seriously, I didn’t mind a couple of boobies here and there luckily I’m watching the censored version, but seeing an actual sex scene was just disturbing and kinda out of the blue. And here I thought Takashi was the innocent one… The parody of that scene was funny, but the fact that it completely destroyed Takashi’s character was a little… Bleh.

Moreover, why is Takashi supposed to be the one who’ll take over the body? Why? Hayato may be violent and Chitose may be a perv, but at least they admit it and they have a nice life -_-‘ . Takashi’s just as much of a perv as Chitose and he just gets taken advantage of over and over again, I really don’t like him… Anyways.

Hopefully we’ll get more explanation and less sex disturbing scenes next episode… *sigh* I still can’t help but like this show nonetheless.

6 thoughts on “Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai Episode 8: This show is Officially Categorized in the WTF Branch.

  1. The endings of this episodes are interesting but then when they go onto the next episode its just boring as hell… The sex scene was really unexpected o.o sadly it was censored….
    I just wanna see how this series is gonna end… That’s all I care about.

    • I guess I really don’t know what to think of this show, we’re at episode 8 and I’m still kinda wondering what the hell is the point of it. There’s action, but in the end it doesn’t lead anywhere and I’m thinking the ending will just be a big bunch of nothing.
      You like the sex scenes, I like the romance… I guess that’s what makes this show so retarded yet so incredibly addictive O.o. Both guys and girls find something awesome in it.

      • Truthfully I really want to drop this show but some reason it just makes me keep on watching it… I dropped other shows before but somehow I can’t drop this show…

      • *nods* I totally understand. This show is freakishly addictive and yet, take out the beautiful art and the show in itself is way too scrambled to be good. It’s kinda scary how I can’t stop watching it O_o

  2. honestly speaking i also prefer Hayato and Chitose, even Karura is better rather than Takashi,
    or even the original owner of the body Youji Haneda…
    i wish there’d be a better “ending” to look out for as ep.12 draws near
    than losing Hayato, Chitose or Karura T^T. separate them from one body? OTL
    ok, that’s my only wishful thinking… TT_TT

    still, i don’t want those amazing guys disappear and leave
    Hiyoko, Naru and Kobato -lovelesssss OTL

    though i “suspect” that there’s another incest thing between Kobato x Youji
    aside from aunt x nephew thing. i’m more of Karura x Kobato than Kobato x Youji.
    i’m really going to cry and be sad then depress
    if i won’t like the ending T^T

    • I really don’t like Takashi, however I don’t think I’d go as far as to say I like Karura more than him. Apart from his good looks, he’s just way too much of an idiot for me XD. But yeah, I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t like him, moreover since it was mentioned earlier, I doubt the ending will really be that bad and predictable where Takashi takes over, especially if he’s made to be unliked.
      I’m completely against incest and would never go for a Youji x Kobato pairing (O_O), however I’d actually feel kinda bad for Kobato if she were to go for someone as stupid as Karura (I’m sorry, I really can’t stand that guy’s brain, or should I say his lack of one). Then again, it would add more romance, and I’m always down for that :). Let’s just hope the ending will be good!