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3 thoughts on “Bleach 319: The Queerxie Vs the Timemaster

  1. //2. No one ever dies in bleach…//

    >:D That means Ulquiorra, Grimjow and all the Espadas plus Gin and Tousen are alive. LOL. *SHOT*

    • They all came back in some form in the movie, they all still lives in another dimension somewhere, first people who dies in the world of the living become either shinigami or hollow if I remember correctly, and when hollow are killed they go to hell, but when shinigami are killed they are reincarnated in the world of the living. I think that is how it works. Therefore, yes no one ever dies for long.

      • Ah, but Zero you are forgetting the key factor!
        What happens when a Hollow gains his/her heart again? What become of them then? >:D That is yet to be determined! Ohohohohoho~