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Deadman Wonderland Ep 2: Sweet Bean Bread~!


I am rather surprised; while this show can be considered ‘gory’ to some people, it is actually quite light on the gore level if I do say so myself.

That and it is only the second episode… and thank whatever is watching over me that my school never had marathons like that O_O

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2 thoughts on “Deadman Wonderland Ep 2: Sweet Bean Bread~!

  1. I believe this was bloody enough (The literal way). If this was more bloodier ( a word I made), then I believe this will be kind of scary since humans do not have a lot of blood in them. P.S. Japanese kids LOVE blood

    • I get what you are saying about there being realistic amounts of blood, but in comparison to the manga, this is literally just a puddle ._. I know Japanese kids love blood (I loved blood too as a child X3), but there are still censorship laws depending on what time an anime airs at during the day in Japan; the later at night it gets, the more blood there will be/ more graphic material. This is also why I am waiting for the episodes to continue on, when the material gets more intense; hopefully then there will be lots of blood (and not just blood, but entrails too X3 (don’t judge me oAo;;; ))