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3 thoughts on “Kore wa Zombie desu ka? episode 9: Harbinger of Death Blackmailed

  1. I was also in the same boat as you and that I was really confused about what the heck that thing that appeared to protect Yuki was. It was explained to me that which I didnt understand even after the english subs, was that basically Yuki herself is the ultimate Masou Shoujo weapon that Dai-sensei was talking about. Remember the previous episodes before when Dai-sensei asked Ayumu to look after the package she sent him and that Ayumu must not mention this to Haruna?

    Well we all thought that it was the see through glasses that Ayumu was given to by Sera’s friend (the girl with a rude mouth talking to the phone, her name is actually Saras, a superior of Sera.) and that glasses is intended to be delivered to Sera (for her to use as a way to see invisible message delivered to her, remember she used it last episode to look at the hidden message about her superiors ordering her to kill Yuu). The glasses is NOT what Dai-sensei meant about the package.

    However, Ayumu (and the rest of us audience) thought that it was the glasses, but actually, it was Yuki herself, being an ultimate weapon for Masou Shoujo, and that her being the ultimate weapon, dai-sensei thought that she could entrust it to Ayumu, because Dai-sensei knows that Ayumu is a very powerful sorcerer that will be capable of controlling such a weapon. So basically, Yuki is both a Vampire Ninja as well as having an ultimate Masou Shoujo weapon inside her (which I guess she never knew about), this is why even after Yuki’s introduction, the OP song still says “She is … XXX”

    • :O THAT MAKES SOOOO MUCH SENSE!!!!!!! Sweeeeeet 🙂 It makes the show even more awesome!

    • That makes so much sense thank you, I vaguely understood that that thing was Maelstrom ultimate weapon inside her, but I had no clue where she became a Masou Shoujo and was kind of lost on this. Thanks a lot for the heads up, Everything makes so much more sense now