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Star Ocean EX Episode 4: Heraldic Magic (my… boobs are grinding down?)

First of all, an apology is in order.  I’ve been gone a LONG time.  Living out here in the woods, my bandwidth is always a risk factor, and it gave up the ghost ’round December’s end.  Then, as if THAT wasn’t enough,a few weeks back we got hit by a blizzard, leading to circumstances that again forced me to refrain from posting.  Old man winter is finally starting to let go of his grapple hold on my capricious internet connectivity, though, so without further ado, let’s get it started, yes?  ^^

Oh, and to make up for lost time, I hereby declare this month to be my personal March Madness!   Expect a new review written by me every other day (not counting weekends) until I’ve reached episode 13 (round-about where I would be if I had been able to keep posting once a week.)   If you’re one of my three fans, enjoy!  If you’re not… enjoy all the same.

The subtitles... really speak for themselves here. XD

When we last left our heroes, they had embarked for the capitol city of Krosse in order to speak to the king and get permission to investigate the sorcery globe which (lest our being told for three episodes straight be forgotten) is really putting the residents of the planet in quite a foul humor.  It seems things are finally going smoothly for the group, but then…  the anime’s version of Claude is an idiot.  How long will it take for them to forget about their important mission and embark on some bizarre side-quest?  Don’t touch that dial!

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