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Bleach 310: Dust settling under the Sunset / STUDIO PIERROT YOU DID NOT JUST DO THAT.



Everything is working their way back to normal in soul society, the injured are getting healed up, Karakura town is getting transferred back to the real world and Ichigo’s  friends are coming to congratulate him on his victory over Aizen.

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Author: ZeroG

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4 thoughts on “Bleach 310: Dust settling under the Sunset / STUDIO PIERROT YOU DID NOT JUST DO THAT.

  1. Meh they’re supposedly ending the anime anyways.

    • That was only a rumor that was unintentionally created by rookiez is punk’d by accident. It has been confirmed that its continuing. Honestly it would’ve been better if it did end, or at least just go on a hiatus.

    • I’m only on ep. 120-something, but I keep on watching even though something tells me a shouldn’t. Anyway, I heard the creator plans to continue Bleach for 10 more years.

      • Yeah Kubo Tite plans to, but that’s for the manga as far as I’m concerned. The anime, well it all relies on the market’s demand, and if Studio Pierrot continues pissing fans off, they won’t get much. I stopped watching the anime after the SS arc, and only watched the bits I wanted to see animated for example the Lust Arc where Ulquiorra and Ichigo fought, Gin VS Aizen, Ichigo VS Aizen, and last but not least what I was dying to see the most only to be trolled by Studio Pierrot, the farewell scene between Ichigo and Rukia.

        Whether you should continue watching it or not, it all depends on how high you set your expectations, if too high, then you will find yourself very disappointed. If you set it lower, it won’t bother you as much, if low it shouldn’t affect you whatsoever.