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Bleach 309: The downfall of the Gods



Ichigo and Aizen have become more powerful than any other mortal, they have transcended the limit of the shinigami and the hollows. But their struggle between life and death are about to come to an end as those two titans finish their ultimate battle.

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Author: ZeroG

I liek mudkipz

7 thoughts on “Bleach 309: The downfall of the Gods

  1. Not quite. The next episode will conclude the arc.

  2. yeah if if no fillers than that would be super awesome

    • I highly doubt there will be no filler after this arc finishes. In fact the production team probably should have taken a Hiatus, and I think most people would have preferred that. There was quite an uproar when Rookiez is Punk’d accidental created a rumor that Bleach Anime was going to end/go on hiatus. Honestly when I first heard it I thought it would have been a good thing.

  3. that would have been horrible if it ended sure the whole eizen thing was over the top but still many things unrevealed like soul king and about ichigo and if hes adopted or not

    • Well not like “the end for good” just more like a break instead of endless fillers to give the manga more time to get ahead further. Besides Kubo already confirmed that Bleach won’t end for another ten years. ROFLMAO! We’ll see how the Anime keeps up with that though. XD

      • I’m sure they could manage to do shitty filler for 10 years with a good episode from the manga here and there, I’m not even concerned about that.

        I do believe they will create a filler story arc again, like the one with the zanpakto. Those are not as awesome as the real thing, but still, the zanpakto arc was not bad either.

      • I think one of the reasons why the zanpakuto arc was successful in a way of it being enjoyable and interesting at the same time was because Kubo himself was involved with the project – even though that was only for the creative part (character designs/personalities). That filler arc was one of my favorites besides the Bount Arc, which too was rather enjoyable.