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Yu Gi Oh 5Ds Ep 17: No Need for Speed


Slip Stream: Works every time!

Yusei is warned by Himuro that his next opponent, Reaper Reborn is known as a cruel duelist.  Only that guy is kidnapped and replaced forcefully with Mukuro, the infamous duelist who wants to be king (more like an obsession if you ask me). He manages to defeat Mukuro by depending on chance of getting a speed spell, ‘Gap Storm’ in order to wrap up the duel.


Hahahaha. That was pretty hilarious. That guy with the cruel reputation was kidnapped and pwned by Muruko!!!!!!! Yusei really didn’t give the damn about the switch. In fact it was probably pretty reassuring one way or another. Moreover when he used that Slip Stream spell that nobody ever seems to realize it on time, I couldn’t stop laughing – it’ll be something that will never get old. Anyhow that’s a major fail on the opponent’s part for always forgetting about it. Also I have to give Yusei a pat on the back for choosing not to use his ace, Stardust Dragon and declaring he will only use it when it duel Jack. Sounds fair enough yes?

Jack, he knew the Directors of the security were up to something, but only now he reacts like, “WHAT THE FACK ARE YOU GUYS DOING BEHIND MY BACK!?” I was like, “Seriously man? It’s a little late for that. Act earlier next time.

Oh yeah did I mention how Godwin is a motherfucking psycho freak? He not just he’s crazy, he’s creeping me out!

Okay that was short, but it’ll be longer for the next one – I hope.


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4 thoughts on “Yu Gi Oh 5Ds Ep 17: No Need for Speed

  1. So this guy wants to the be King of Card Games………On Motorcycles?