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Star Ocean EX Episode 1: Transport [First Impression]

First of all, an introduction is in order.  Hello world, my handle is Balladbird.  You may  feel free to call me ballad, or bird, or any shortened version thereof.   Unlike my fellow  reviewers here at AAB, I don’t have the bandwidth for downloading or streaming new  series, and therefore cannot contribute reviews on the cutting edge series of the season.    However, thanks to an enlistment in the military providing me with essentially endless  disposable income, I have become the possessor of over 100 DVDs for around 40 series,  so I thought I could help everyone remember their roots by reviewing some of the older  shows that have already passed the stream of attention over the years.

The first theme for  my reviews is going to be Video Game adaptions.  While with Hollywood,  any attempt to  convert a video game to a movie ends in disaster, the world of anime is a bit more  flexible.  The two genres already share a lot in common, right?  So how hard could it be to  make a video game anime that doesn’t suck?

… Okay, so it’s way easier than I thought,  but most anime based on video games are better described as mediocre than bad.  They  may please the fans of the game they represent, but they aren’t likely to reach anyone who  wasn’t already a fan before watching them.  Then again, some truly are terrible… and a  very rare few stand among some of the best anime series I’ve ever seen.  For my first set of  reviews, I’m going to do one of each.  A terrible anime adaption, an average one, and an  excellent one.

Let’s start with the terrible!

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