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Bleach 297: Extensible sword and Transformation


It sure has been a while, About a whole week !


Ichigo engages Gin in combat, slowly discovering the secret of his Zanpakutō, in the meantime Isshin overwhelming power pushes Aizen to his limits. But even at it’s limit Aizen as yet another trick up his sleeves, the power of the Hōgyoku. Aizen explains what the Hōgyoku really is and he begin his transformation…until someone we all excepted to come showed up and slowed down his transformation.

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Author: ZeroG

I liek mudkipz

4 thoughts on “Bleach 297: Extensible sword and Transformation

  1. //- Aizen seems to be hollowfying at the end//
    And here comes Aizen God-Mode.

    Oh yeah you are DEFINITELY gonna love what Urahara is gonna do.

  2. LMAO you should put a PG-13 thing on your posts 😛 And dude, if Urahara’s finally fighting in an awesome way I’m totally watching next episode (although I dropped the series a while ago). I love Kisuke =D

    • no need to have a PG-13, I love children under 13, They are my favorite! I like to hug them naked all day long and stuff.

      And ya Kisuke is fucking awesome, He invented like half of the cool stuff in the serie. Also another character I presume will appear shortly is Yoroichi, she’s never far away from Kisuke